what is strategy?

What term comes to mind when you hear the word strategy?

Cynthia Montgomery, Professor of Strategy at Harvard University, asks her students what terms come to mind when they hear the word “strategy.” This word cloud illustrates their typical responses, which tellingly lack the word “leader.”

what is strategy?

Why is that? More of the same leads to more of the same.

Leadership and Strategy come from within

I’m a fan of bringing concepts down to their bare essence. And there are many terms that define strategy. I believe strategy comes from within. How else can you answer the tough questions regarding strategy? How can you commit to a strategy if you don’t believe in it? How can you convince anybody?

I believe that if you are motivated for being successful, you will copy a strategy from someone else. If you are motivated by creating and bringing value to the world, you will define a new strategy. I think this distinction should be made.

When your strategy comes from within, you are leading your own parade.



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