Innovation must reads of the week: 10 common innovation inhibitors

Innovation must reads of the week: Why open source principles are a recipe for innovation

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Must-read – “@sorenkaplan: New Article on Leading disruptive #innovation – Ivey Business Journal:”Ralph-Christian Ohr
What’s your view on customers’ value to innovation? > There’s a spectrum, where are you on it? #scrm #cemHutch Carpenter
10 common inhibitors that keep organizations from innovating effectively Biz Review
RT @mackanic: Why Open-Source Principles Are a Recipe For Innovation – Forbes. Open sourcing, no code required
@forbes The Key Missing Ingredient In Leadership Today #stoos #radicalmanagement #agilestevedenning
Why your team won’t innovate Engagement, Empowerment and Strategic Clarity are required for #innovationJeffrey Phillips

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