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Instagram: Making the common, uncommon

peter pan iosI’m already late to the game with this post. But Instagram recently announced that their popular photo sharing app is now available for Android, so I just jumped in. I had not used Instagram until today so this is all new for me.

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Verdict: It’s addictive.

What stands out for me is that something so simple and common as taking and sharing pictures, turns into something really fun.

And that’s the secret.

Can we categorize Instagram as an innovation? I think it is. It’s an increment, they made something common (taking pictures and sharing them), more fun. That means a whole lot better for some people.

A simple way to stand out from the crowd is to look at your business and think about all the things that are common and see how you can make them uncommon. De-commoditize yourself!

Standing out at your office workspace

We have our offices at, IOS Offices, a co-working space. And since we share office space with other businesses, all the offices look the same from the outside. Looking to stand out, we created a Peter Pan made of cardboard (see picture above) and placed it against the glass from the inside of our office.

It’s strategically placed so it looks like Peter Pan is reaching for the door.

We’ve caught a handful of people taking pictures of Pan. And as you can imagine, other people have asked about us. It’s something so simple, but it sends the message to everyone who walks by that we’re a little odd. It creates curiosity.

How do you stand out in a commoditized world? Make the common, uncommon.

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