If you’re not happy, I’m not happy

A few weeks ago we gave back some money to a long time client because they are not happy with our work. Thing is, I was already prepared to say: You know what, don’t worry about the rest of the outstanding balance. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

That’s all that matters.

It’s one thing to say that you aim to delight your customers/clients and make them happy, but it’s another thing to not be able to do it. It hurts when a client wants to move in a different direction because you didn’t exceed their expectations. These are the types of things that you don’t want happening. Don’t see happening.

All I could do is apologize and say: Sorry I let you down.

My client wasn’t expecting this type of behavior. Why?

Because there are not many businesses out there who are happy to say: If we don’t exceed your expectations, you get your money back.

Nor are there a lot who would have written a post saying they suck. Then again I have nothing to hide and know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It’s best to be honest with yourself. Now it’s up to me to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

This is a tough one to swallow.

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  • Mohan Arun

    This blog post… You know… might affect your ability to attract future clients… It sends messages like : ‘we didn’t exceed their (client) expectations.’ ‘we let them (clients) down’… Consider re-wording or deleting this post would be a good idea… Wellwisher…

    • While I understand your point, I’m of the belief that one is not here to please everyone. But then again, I’m a heretic. And as one, I don’t follow conventional thinking. When something doesn’t go according to plan, you learn and move on and making sure you don’t make the same mistakes as before. When you’re setting out to innovate, failure is certain. That’s just the way it is. And I’m proud of that 🙂

      I’m honest, why wouldn’t anyone want to work with someone who’s honest?



    • Anonymous

      Not sure I entirely see it your way, Mohan.  Could well be that potential clients see the message as “what have I got to lose if I stand to get my money back?”  Could just as easily increase business.  Everyone who’s a buyer in Jorge’s line of work knows that client tastes differ, and so would expect that what didn’t work for one client won’t work for them…

      • Yup. There’s no template to follow when setting out to innovate. While there are patterns of similarity, every business has to be treated differently and with new eyes.

  • I’d raise my glass to you for having the courage to man up to your shortcomings… and being decent about it.  I guess, the money-back guarantee isn’t a myth at all, though not many would do what you just did and I hope it won’t affect your relationship with potential clients out there.  So, Let’s face this coming year with hope and optimism…and I’m wishing you all the best for 2012!

    • Thanks. Giving money back isn’t a myth and I’d be surprised to know of anybody out there who sets out to shake things up hasn’t failed at delighting their customers/clients at some point. I’m proud of attempting to shake things up and failing.

      Thanks and I wish you the best in 2012 🙂