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Archives for August 2011

Creative thinking is not a one time activity

Late last year, in response to an article that stated that you need to stifle your creativity in order to get promoted, I argued that you needed to become a credible innovator to cut through the smoke and keep those objections at bay. Now, new research further indicates that people are biased against creative ideas. […]

Innovation Posts of the week: Move with the speed of disruption

The top 10 ways to get your team to contribute the best ideas – Front End Innovation Blog Five Lessons to Boost Your Innovation Practices – Innovation Management Getting to Eureka!: How Companies Can Promote Creativity – HBS Working Knowledge Why You May Be Blind to a Good Idea (and What to Do About It) […]

The new logic of innovation

Apparently there is a food truck trend happening in the U.S. and everybody is talking about it. To me what’s funny is that in Mexico, food trucks are a street corner staple. We like to say that for every Starbucks that exists we have 20 times more food trucks on every other corner of every […]

How Leaders can set the tone for innovation

Remember last month I told you about a client who told his staff that they needed to start thinking about what they’ve never thought about? Well this past week I went back to check up on them and see exactly what had happened since our last conversation. Absolutely nothing. I wasn’t surprised. The predictable ‘I […]

Innovation posts of the week: The 3 Types of innovators

Defining Customer Needs In Volatile Times: Two Steps To Accelerate Innovation –  Business 2 Community From the Trenches: Musings from an MBA at an Innovation Firm – Frog Design 3 Types of Innovation-Structured [Apple], Unstructured [Amazon] & Open [Google] via @rowangibson Four Ways To Spot Markets Ripe For Disruption by @lukegwilliams The Fringe Beats the […]

How diversity helps break linear thinking in your innovation team

I’m not so sure if I should write this post. It contains an email with some info that is best to keep private. But I just can’t contain myself as it’s a visceral example of why having a diverse set of people with different backgrounds, education and mental models makes your team more likely to […]

How Happy Accidents Happen through serendipity

Two weeks ago we had a serendipitous event. A happy accident. We had a scheduled meeting with a partner at 8 am on Wednesday morning and our partner didn’t make it because of family issues. What’s interesting is that our partners office is on an adjacent street to an office building that is the first […]