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Archives for July 2011

Innovation posts of the week: 8 critical skills for the future

Innovation Psychology: Tips for Breaking from the Norm – Outside Innovation The Eight Pillars of Innovation – Think Quarterly by Google How Iteration-itis Kills Good Ideas – HBR Clive Thompson on The Breakthrough Myth – Wired Magazine Eight Critical Skills for the Future – by @thomasfrey  6 Ways to Kill Creativity – PsyBlog

Want to be disruptive? Be on the lookout for disruptive thinking

Last week I told you about a client who had an epiphany and now he and his company are ready to ‘think about what they’ve never thought about‘. Great, but where to start? You need to new ideas. Different ones. That has to be clear. You need to think disruptively by thinking about what’s changing […]

Innovation posts of the week: 10 common innovation blunders

Creative solutions often are born out of unrelated ideas: Collaborating Across Cultures – HBS Three Ways to Succeed by Breaking Convention – HBR The Rise of Radical Adjacency – Forbes An Innovator’s Guide: 5 Ways to Think Outside the Box – CNBC Breakthrough innovation starts with breakthrough questions – via @ralph_ohr How To Hold A […]

Let’s think about what we’ve never thought about

Those are the words a client of mine told one of his Lieutenants last week. His company is in crisis mode. Hard times are coming and in an effort to not lay off people, he’s giving them part-time. He told me this last week in our meeting . I was there to give a presentation […]

How to be creative like Eminem

Forcing connections between things that have no obvious connection, coming up with lots of ideas and having a system in place to help you fine tune your ideas is how you become creative.

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation must create value

Innovation Must Create Value, not Novelty by @timkastelle Learning to absorb new knowledge for innovation by @paul4innovating Mental Nimbleness for Executives and How to Enhance It – Customer Think Transition from pattern matchers to innovators by @ovoinnovation 10 Popular Idols Kill Innovation by @ellenfweber  

‘Better’ is the more practical approach to innovation in general

It all starts with the question: How can I make this better? Framing is important and when talking about innovation that usually means deciding between incremental and radical change. Yet for most businesses, they don’t want to hear about change. They want the world they exist in just the way it is, especially if they’ve […]