Innovation posts of the week: An Iterative Approach to Innovation Strategy

Six Creative Ways to Persuade Your Team to Implement Your Innovation

An Iterative Approach to Innovation Strategy via @ralph_ohr

How to Use Networks to Spread Ideas by @timkastelle

Four Simple Low Resolution Innovation Tests – HBR

The Slow Hunch: How Innovation is Created Through Group Intelligence – RWW

Appropriate Innovation Makes Good Sense by @paul4innovating

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Lessons from a crowdsourcing experiment

A few crowdsourcing lessons from an experiment I did for a client in the kids entertainment industry.
  • As regards link #1 I am reminded of a book called “The 7 Triggers to Yes: The New Science Behind Influencing People’s Decisions” to achieve buy-in for innovative ideas. Also see the highly useful persuasion post:

    The second link “An iterative approach to innovation strategy” is a great read (the pyramid of value which the author provides in this post is worth saving and keeping)