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Is it possible to innovate without loving what you do?

*+-Yes, it’s possible. The act of solving a problem in a creative way is the fire needed to take on whatever challenge is presented.

Problem finding: even emulation requires brains

*+-A few years ago I was advising three guys who wanted to start a t-shirt company business in Mexico. These guys were still in college and were studying graphic design. In Mexico there is a brand called Naco that started a trend of inverting words so something like AC/DC looks like AISI/ DISI. People found […]

This is what status quo sounds like

*+-According to congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., the iPad is killing jobs. Innovation is going to happen whether you want it or not.

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation for real growth

*+-What are some preconditions for creating breakthrough innovation?

Imagination: one of the most important qualities of an innovator

*+-To innovate, dumb questions are the types of questions we should be asking and the type of ‘what if’ attitude we should be encouraging and practicing.

A lesson from Apple on reputation

*+-Apple has created a reputation for creating the best consumer electronic products consistently. It is this reputation that sets them apart from others.

Fail Harder

*+-Wieden+Kennedy created a mural that spells Fail Harder, a message that underlines the importance of failure during the creative process.