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Archives for December 2010

Why ‘Delivering Happiness’ is a must-do

According to a study by David Rand of Harvard: People who spend time with happy people are more likely to become happy themselves.

Are you more credible as an innovator?

A recent study states that in order to get promoted you need to put your creativity to rest and embrace the status quo. Is being an innovator enough to get promoted?

Innovation posts of the week: A GamePlan for Game Changers

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Leadership vs Management: Tale of the tape

By creating more management (structure) we’re alienating other’s and our own freedom to create. We need more leaders not more managers.

How to find the best insights for innovation

Find insights for innovation using Maddock Douglas’s ‘insight statement’.

For innovation firepower turn weakness into strength

To be built to last is to be built to change, and that only happens by continuously improving what you’re good at and relentlessly working on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation Think/Do Cycle

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