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Archives for September 2010

On happiness and value innovation

I’ve been thinking about and pounding you in this blog with the idea of not wasting people’s time (also see here). I found out two things today, one is that I’m not the only one thinking about it, and, second that recent research says that in order for people to be happy they like to […]

Should everyone in a society be innovative?

Here’s a comment posted by Kate Davis in response to my post Innovation: What gives from last week: This almost makes me wonder if we want all people to be innovative? I know that being innovative is a goal and a highly valued quality, but you as you said, the copy-cat aspect of human nature […]

To understand your customers needs you must become them

Do you really know your customers? Are you sure you understand their needs, wants, desires and motivations? Most likely you don’t. Why do I know this? Because most organizations are not designed to ‘become their customers’. For an example of what I mean read this NPR article on how: To Understand Truckers, Two Photographers Become […]

What matters: Don’t waste your customers time

In the past month I spent close to 9 hours with support representatives from a couple of companies with whom I’ve had issues with. One is Sprint and the other is Dell. While 9 hours in a month doesn’t seem like a lot, believe me it’s a lot. When I was in high school I […]

Innovation posts of the week: Homophily the #1 enemy of innovation

The Institutional Innovation Manifesto by @umairh See Innovation Opportunities with an Upgraded Mental Camera – HBR The Origins of Good Ideas – WSJ Managing Yourself: How to Save Good Ideas – HBR Homophily or #1 innovation enemy by @lammiia Innovating for the future that will be by @ovoinnovation The idea management wars by @frontendevent Grow […]

Insights first, ideas second

I just want to add my thoughts to Tim Kastelle’s post earlier today: Ideas are cheap. They sure are. There are all sorts of fun ways to come up with new ideas and tactics to help you see new ideas. Do a google search for ‘how to get new ideas’ and you get 381 million […]

Innovation. What gives?

  Spotted this tweet a few minutes ago: #Innovation is rare. Proof: millions of cookbooks sold and read all with practically the same recipes. What gives?   What gives? Human nature. Innovation is about people and whatever beliefs, habits and attitudes people have are the limiting factors that prevent them from adopting new viewpoints or […]