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Archives for August 2010

If a person is not innovative with self, can she be innovative in an organization?

Good question posted by @Stevekoss from yesterday’s post: Do companies need less innovation? The process of innovation is full of highs and lows and requires people to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone so I think it depends on a person’s tolerance for failure. It basically comes down to mindset, Carol Dweck has written extensively […]

Do companies need less innovation?

This is a guest post by Ralph Ohr in response to an article posted on Business Week titled: Why Companies Need Less Innovation. Thanks for this valuable post. Although, I just partly agree with the author, the post has greatly initiated an important discussion. The definition of what innovation means in a certain context as […]

Innovation posts of the week: Why companies need less innovation

Why Companies Need Less Innovation – BusinessWeek via @ralph_ohr  If You’re the Boss, Start Killing More Good Ideas by @work_matters  The Art of Momentum: Why Your Ideas Need Speed by @the99percent You’re Smart Doesn’t Mean You’re A Good Problem Solver. Putting More Smart People On A Problem Might Not Be The Answer by @ideacouture  Innovation […]

How to create a new business model

For business model innovation, the business model canvas helps you create new business concepts.

An authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view

Since most folks stand for nothing more than the same, an authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view about the future.

Innovation posts of the week: Innovation Economics

Great collection of reads this week which I encourage you to read while also following these smart people on Twitter.   Innovation Economics by @elldir Why Big Companies Almost Never Notice Disruptive Innovation | Techdirt Why Waiting Until A New Business Model Is Proven Doesn’t Work | Techdirt How to become a better innovator by […]

How a simple change in routine can show you a new perspective

To change things up a little bit I decided to take a taxi after I crossed the border to Mexico today. After you cross the border and walked over to the cab station you’ll notice there are two types of cabs, the yellow ones which are the least cheap and the ‘taxi libre’ which takes […]