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Archives for July 2010

Design for better behavior in mind

If we want to encourage better behaviors, we have to make it easier for people to do whatever it is that we want them to do by removing obstacles in their path. What about if we want to discourage behaviors such as smoking? We put more obstacles in the smokers path, Erik Askin proposes ‘design […]

Innovation posts of the week: 5 Common Mistakes On Innovation And Managing Change

Five Common Mistakes On Innovation And Managing Change by @ideacouture Four ways ideas are selected for implementation by @ovoinnovation  Innovation Needed: How to find groundbreaking insights – BusinessWeek HOW DO YOU CAPTURE VALUE FROM AN INNOVATION? – Ivey Business Journal Business Model Innovation and Competitive Imitation – HBS Working Knowledge via @ralph_ohr  How to successfully […]

Make your own game

Here’s my latest post on @Oninnovation: Make your own game  Enjoy! The essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals do; and the most vital competitive weapon is not lower price, but new ideas. Across the border in Mexico, we  have a taco shop in every corner. They all sell the same […]

Innovation posts of the week: How Reframers unleash innovation in their companies

7 Non-traditional Barriers to Innovation via @ralph_ohr Fail More, Win More | Fast Company How Reframers Unleash Innovation in Their Companies (And Beyond) – (HBR) People are our competitive advantage – Ann Holman by @annholman Managing for innovation by @ovoinnovation Forget Brainstorming – Newsweek Secret to Successful New Product Innovation | Nielsen via @bhc3 The […]

Delivering happiness: Not business as usual

A few days ago I wrote about how Zappos has broken the rule that a business exists purely to make profits. They’ve designed their business model around the concept of ‘happiness’ and have made it clear that the customer IS their business. The idea is driven that by making their employees happy it further drives […]

For brands who care about you, actions speak louder than words

“For things to change, somebody somewhere has to start acting differently.” – From the book Switch: How to change things when change is hard. I was watching the above video from Trendwatching’s trend video report from earlier this year and it got me thinking about which brands I love and which I think care about […]

Innovation posts of the week: The Secrets of innovation revealed

Secrets of innovation revealed by @ovoinnovation The Benefits of Thinking the Unthinkable – HBR The Value Of Being Just A Little Bit Different via @tbi_warroom Innovation: The Art of the Improbable or Impossible via @ralph_ohr by @ovoinnovation Innovation Begins with Fascination by @mitchditkoff What Do You Know About Business Model Innovation? People Are Confused About […]