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Archives for December 2009

What’s your creative thinking style?

Have you ever noticed how you come up with your ideas? Have you noticed how others come up with theirs? I’ve been thinking about this lately and seeing how on Twitter there’s no shortage of people tweeting ‘x ways to innovate’ back and forth (myself included!) it makes me think non-innovation people will get confused […]

Innovation is a habit

Our job as innovators is to not accept reality for what it is, it’s to imagine what could be and that means thinking differently.

Disrupt yourself to change the game you play in

If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules. – Paul Arden   All a disruptor really does is change something from one state to another by breaking patterns. Google is a typical disruptor, they seek ways to ‘disrupt’ a familiar flow in how things get done to another and then […]

STRATEGY: Exchange the role of guest for host

  Look beyond the immediate battle and build on a position of weakness to take control.   I was watching my favorite childhood cartoon movie, GI Joe, yesterday and was reminded of a very powerful strategy that the terrorist organization Cobra uses in most of the cartoons that can be applied in business. If you’re […]

Weekend innovation tip: Go lateral

What if your new product or service was like a cow? How would look like? How would it work? Why would people want to use it?  Why would they hire you? Would they tell their friends about it?…Get the picture?   Sometimes when we’re looking for inspiration but can’t find it we get stuck, a […]

Must read innovation stories of the week: Make new mistakes

Make new mistakes? Yes, that’s right. If you always follow the tried and true, what worked before, being right, always having the same answer then you’ll never come up with anything original. To foster a culture of innovation you need to go off the same road you’ve always been walking in and if you feel […]

Leadership lesson: A vision has to give people goose bumps

  As leaders we have to be able to paint a picture in people’s minds, shape the future and to bring it to the present.   A dream is also a vision I was at a recent New Leadership workshop with a client down in Mexico and one of the exercises is what we call […]