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Archives for September 2009

How the Innovators DNA works

The innovators code is a set of five ‘discovery skills’ that distinguish them: associating, questioning, observation, experimenting, networking

Could we someday create innovations like we create music?

Imagine there was a tool where we could input our ideas, combine them with other ideas, see some connections and visualize them in real-time. I’m not talking about music, but actual ideas like the ones that we have when we’re thinking out loud or brainstorming with a group. In the video above you see an […]

Weekend innovation tip: You’re unlikely to see the future if you’re standing in the mainstream

Inspiration for new ideas doesn’t come from boardroom meetings, it comes from actively seeking ideas from other industries like design, architecture, pop culture, music and art.

10 more resources to boost your brain power

The ability to think better makes you a superior strategist and innovator One of my favorite subjects is the brain, how it works and how to better put it to use is something that has always intrigued me. While there is huge amounts of information on the internet on how to boost your brain power, […]

Must read innovation stories of the week: How to build a culture of innovation

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway dvd This weeks must read innovation stories starts with an Interview with IDEO CEO Tim Brown on how his firm uses design thinking to drive innovation in the company and with clients. IDEO’s Tim Brown: How to build a culture of innovation (BNET) Ten great ways to boost your personal […]

Why Brands in Public doesn’t suck…for Seth Godin

.!. The blogosphere is buzzing after Seth Godin’s announcement of his newest initiative, Brands in Public, which intends on becoming a ‘social signals aggregator’ for BIG brands. Some are angry Where the Heart Is rip , other’s want to see how it plays out and I actually think this is a good move by Seth. […]

What a cave diver can teach us about leapfrogging the competition

  I was looking at some very awesome cave diving pictures last week and one in particular caught my attention not because of the picture itself but because of the story behind it: download The Match Quest For Fire Summer Catch trailer Basket Case download   The diver in this photo has descended about 20 […]