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Let’s stop creating crappy movie games

gi joe the rise of cobra game

First let me get this out of the way…I’m a GI Joe fan!

Illuminating Angels & Demons film

I own most of the first edition toys some of which I got on sale at online stores like and with this weeks release of the movie was feeling like a 5 year old again. Now the movie is not an Oscar winner but it’s highly entertaining and mostly did a good job of bringing out the Joe in me.

The reason I’m writing this is because I just saw the game review of the game GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and it’s a piece of crap just like every other movie game!

Why do they keep releasing crappy movie games?

Let me tell you why…extra sales!

Other movie studios have done it, so should we! Let’s release a below average game and we’ll be able to get a handful of sales from our core fan base so we can move the needle on our revenues.


The problem with this is you’re releasing crap to the masses while wasting a valuable opportunity to engage with the audience in an authentic way. The only thing this is creating bad word of mouth like this:

Remember kids, don’t ever spend you’re hard earned money on crappy games, especially if it’s a video game movie. If you do you’ll only be restarting you’re hard work. With no saves
Now I know that I should have only invested on games from that would help me earn more money!
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS release Ghostbusters II release buy Daffy – The Commando

This Gun for Hire

Flicker move

And knowing is half the battle!


Note to self, consumers are not dumb. The people who saw GI Joe are now in their mid 20’s early 30’s and when they see piece of crap like this on their screens they’re not buying it for them or their children and guess what, if a few one’s did go past most likely it’s being returned to the store after going through the torture of playing these things.

In my opinion the creators of the Matrix did the best job of connecting the story of the movie with a game. The game wasn’t a blockbuster but it certainly wasn’t a piece of crap!

The opportunity to release a game that connects the story to the game is wide open, whoever realizes this and is able to set the bar higher than the mediocre rest will change the game.

Blazing Saddles dvd

What are you waiting for?

Yo Joe!

download The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse

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10 Newsletters worth reading

Most of us are really busy and there’s only a few newsletters we’ll bother to check, less likely look forward to seeing them in our inbox.

With some much information out there making sense of that information is imperative, luckily there are a few newsletters worth reading that can keep us on the cutting edge.

These are newsletters I enjoy seeing in my inbox, provide value to me and make me smarter. Feel free to chip in with any suggestions!


  1. . A treasure chest of marketing and sales ideas that drop by your inbox once a week. Juicy tactics explained from a psychological perspective that anybody older than 8 years old can understand, ignore it at your own peril!
  2. . Word of Mouth Marketing guy Andy Sernovitz provides daily nuggets of wisdom. You’re missing out if haven’t read his blog, follow him on Twitter
  3. . Only once a month but I always look forward to seeing the next one in my inbox for fresh and simple creative tips.
  4. . Always enjoy reading the commentary and perspectives from contributors, lots of forward-looking people writing about things that might happen tomorrow but are already here today.
  5. . Mostly aggregate news from around the world but helps you see what’s changing and more importantly what might come.
  6. . Weekly dose of new business ideas from around the world from Springwise. 
  7. . Monthly trend brief is full of fresh perspective but more importantly, implementations from around the world.
  8. . Don’t know anybody who isn’t looking forward to seeing this one in their inbox, can’t go wrong here.
  9. . I love this newsletter because it summarizes simple ideas that drop like bombs and shake your brain out it’s normal way of seeing things.
  10. . If there’s one thing I like to read it’s science, insights come from unlikely places and the content is filled with juicy insights.

Weekend innovation tip: what made you great in the past will not make you great in the future

Your business will fundamentally look different tomorrow than it does today. Don’t believe me? Look at the newspapers business, the digital music business, the airline business, the auto sales business, we can go on and on.

Your only option for survival is to innovate, to recreate yourself and your business.

The Hazing film But before you innovate you have to accept that what made you successful in the past, will not make you successful in the future.

You have to stop fighting the last war. Consciously wage war against the past and force yourself to react to the present moment.

Redemption: A Mile from Hell movie download Key takeaway:

Never take it for granted that your last successes will continue into the the future. Actually, your past successes are your biggest obstacle: every battle, every war, is different, and you cannot assume that what worked before will work today. You must cut yourself lose from the past and open your eyes to the present.