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8 ways that anyone can use to think like a genius

have you discovered your genius?

Genius sees the answer before the question

– Robert Oppenheimer

Michael Michalko, who is a consultant on creativity and is also the author of , made a special investigation of the method’s that history’s greatest creative geniuses have used to generate their ideas. The result was a list of eight ways that anyone can use to think like a genius, or at least come up with creative ideas.

Here they are:

Conventions are made to be challenged

Are you the underdog?

Malcolm Gladwell has written a insightful ,on how David beats Goliath by challenging the conventions of how battles are supposed to be fought.

Using examples from basketball, military war games and anecdotes of military history, Gladwell exposes ways that inferior teams have used unconventional tactics to break the rules and beat superior opponents.

How to innovate like Hideo Kojima

I LOVE Metal Gear Solid! I’m really happy to have read great article on .

The Metal Gear Series has redefined spy and action games by combining complex plots with movie like presentation. One of the big reasons buying a PS3 makes sense is because it’s the only gaming platform where Metal Gear can be played.

Like all innovators before him, Kojima came up with the Metal Gear concept through creative combination, by bringing past elements together in a new and useful way.

Paying attention to the small details makes a HUGE difference

Like most people I get a haircut every 3 to 4 weeks before I start looking like a monkey. I’ve been cutting my hair with the same barber for the last 18 years so it was to my surprise this morning that I got a new added benefit

Man on Wire rip

The Voyage That Shook the World trailer for getting a haircut…a massage!

Yup, that’s right a massage.

Using what looks like a motorized hand shaker attached to his hand with a soft pouch in the palm of his hand he rubs your arms, hands, neck, head, shoulders and back.

Things like these make a whole of a lot of difference in the haircut experience. Getting a haircut is a relaxing experience, especially when the barber uses the shaving knife to slash the hair off the back of my neck…it just feels great. Now add a massage at the end and you get people leaving looking and feeling fresh!

Wondrous Oblivion hd

The barbers got the idea after one of them built the strap-on-hand-shaker to give massages to himself and then one of the clients suggested he should give clients massages after their haircut.

The barber says that they’ve just recently started giving massages and says that so far clients have liked it (who wouldn’t!) and leave with big smiles in their faces.

As a business owner, you want your clients to have big smiles on their faces all the time.

Key takeaway.

Down to You ipod

When a Stranger Calls

Look at where you can add extra value, small things make a big difference If I Didn’t Care rip

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror trailer

…it got me talking and even wrote this post about a simple haircut!

How to look at a challenge from different angles

thinking from different angles

Questions are the key to opening the mind

Last night, I was browsing Planet of the Apes movie download excellent and I started reading the ,which I found very insightful. I found some more gems in the comments, so I added my 2 cents and got a great response and thought I should post it here.

When presented with a challenge, knowing what to ask is the difference between doing more of the same and doing something extraordinary. The Phoenix Checklist  of questions was developed by the CIA to encourage agents to look at a challenge from different angles.

100 what if? questions ebook to spark your creativity

Need help unblocking your mind? Need new radical and unusual ideas? “What If” is the single most important question in the creative process.

Today I found a new tool in the form of a book to add to your creative firepower. The value of creating a list of questions to stimulate your thinking is invaluable and , written by Don the Idea Guy, adds 100 stimulating questions.

Asking what if questions helps us stretch our thinking and lead to new and unconventional ideas.

Here’s a book to help us jumpstart our creative juices: