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Archives for November 2008

Great Career Advice comes in small packages

Ben divx buy The Nativity Story I was on Twitter a few hours ago and one of the tweets from David Meerman Scott was a link to Jonathan Fields new ebook The Fire Fly Manifesto. Just released today! Clash of the Titans trailer download The Adventures of Baron Munchausen It’s packed with great career advice […]

10,000 Hours to success

Talent is overrated argues Malcolm Gladwell in his new book Outliers: The Story of Success Heartbreakers release . Although I have yet to read the book I’m fascinated by the idea behind the 10,000 hours needed to master a skill. Gladwell argues that excellence at a complex task requires a critical, minimum level of practice. […]

7 Useful questions for innovators

Here are a few useful questions that will help you become an innovator right now

What is Wisdom?

Slipstream video The Christmas Wish film The Great Escape movie full   Creepshow III ipod Lady Chatterley’s Lover It’s on my wish list. Virgin Territory on dvd   The Super full The Wisdom Project is inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can pass to another is the wisdom it […]

Malcolm Gladwell on “meaningful work”

.!. Here’s Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink Out There on dvd discussing some finding from his new book Outliers. Here speaking at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, he gives examples of The Beatles and Bill Gates and how hard work, pouring your heart and mind into something, results in meaningful work […]